Unlike the majority of our competitors, we pride ourselves in owning and maintaining in-house monitoring and sampling equipment from field testing and sampling instruments to large vacuum gas extraction units and drilling rigs for deep soil sampling and groundwater investigations. By maintaining our own equipment, we are able to offer competitive rates and cost savings to our clients. Our wide range of experience means we don’t have to rely on sub-contractors, keeping our quoting accurate and your project moving forward.

SRS offer a substantial range of environmental services at very competitive rates, not easily found in other environmental organisations. These services include:

  • Contaminated Site Assessments;
  • Soil and Groundwater Remediation;
  • Total Turn Key Project Management of Contaminated Sites;
  • Hazardous Materials Audits (including Asbestos);
  • Underground Storage Tank removal
  • Contaminated Soil Disposal or On-site Remediation (Hydrocarbons & Metals).
  • Full list of services....

WE maintain a 9 tonne service vehicle and trailer mounted drill rig for mobilising staff to interstate projects. We also maintain the necessary environmental sampling and testing equipment to undertake these investigations without the need to hire from other sources. This allows us to achieve a client's timeframe expectations without the need to accept delays from outside suppliers.

SRS staff are proficient in the operation of company equipment such as our EDSON CP2 Trailer Mounted Drill Rig, capable of drilling groundwater observation bores to 20m through either soil or rock, or our Warman 250 Truck Mounted Drill Rig capable of drilling through soil & rock beyond 100m deep; Howden Soil Vapour Extraction System for rapid bioremediation of Insitu - Exsitu petroleum Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soils for enhanced Bioremediation projects. We also own scientific instruments such as the ISCO Portable Automatic Water Sampler. QED Micro-purge Groundwater Sampling Systems. TPS 90FLMV Water Quality Data Logger, Foxboro TVA 1000A Flame Ionisation and Photoionisation Detector. GPS Locator, Laser Surveying equipment etc.

SRS staff has experience in groundwater flow and contaminant transport modelling and visual programs such as Winflow, Wintran, WinPEST, Visual Modflow Pro, and Surfer 8. Also programs used in Environmental Health Risk Assessment such as RBCA and RISC.

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SRS is currently operating in all states of Australia with a highly mobile crew for undertaking investigations and remediation works. Recent Projects

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