SRS have been successful in the clean up of petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated soils using our enhanced bio-venting remediation system on-site. Where heavy end hydrocarbons i.e. oils and sludges are an issue, composting methods can be adopted to reduce contaminant concentrations for landfill disposal at more acceptable levels and at a far cheaper cost.

SRS have available technology to stabilise almost any heavy metal contaminated soil either as one metal or several types of metals mixed in soil. In some instances, once stabilised, heavy metal contaminated soils may be disposed of to landfill or buried onsite. We also have experience with dealing with radioactive waste materials.

SRS Australia can design custom installations to remove contamination from groundwater or surface waters. Such a system may allow water to be discharged to a sewer rather than paying to have it trucked away, for a significant cost saving.

We can arrange trade waste permits with the relevant authorities and provide ongoing sampling and monitoring for compliance purposes. Our total turn-key project management solution can handle the process from beginning to end.

We specialise in the proper decommission and removal of underground fuel storage tanks. Our project management system ensures that all tanks are removed in full compliance with the relevant authority’s stringent guidelines.

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