SRS Australia Pty Ltd have been assisting clients in identifying and removing underground fuel storage tanks and associated infrastructure or Underground Petroleum Storage Systems (UPSS) on operational and disused industrial and commercial sites for many years.

SRS recommend site inspections prior to purchasing or sale of land where there is the likelihood UPSS's and associated underground infrastructure exist. This inspection may also require the owner to arrange for a soil or groundwater investigation and non destructive tank testing to determine if chemicals have leaked from the UPSS/s and for gauging what impact chemical may have had on the surrounding soil and groundwater table.

SRS's many years in assessing risks associated with UPSS's means we are able to give you a full range of total turn-key services for your site from; Ground Radar Investigations; Tank Location Review; Tank Integrity Testing; Soil Sampling and Analysis; Soil Contaminant Plume Modelling and Reporting; Groundwater Monitoring Well Installations; Groundwater Sampling and Analysis; Groundwater Modelling and Reporting; through to determining whether Clean-up to extent Practicable (CUTEP) exists.

SRS will oversee the removal and disposal of the UPSS and associated infrastructure such as suction and vent lines and bowser locations.

On completion, SRS will provide you with a record of the UPSS's removal and issue you with a Report including a Tank Destruction Certificate.

This report must be kept by the owner/operator of the property for 5 years as per Dangerous Goods (Storage & Handling) Regulations 2000.

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