UST Assessment & Compliance


Compliance Management of your existing Underground Storage Tanks Systems, is designed to help owners prevent contamination from occurring in the first instance. SRS can provide Underground Petroleum Storage System (UPSS) Management Plans including Groundwater Monitoring Well installations and Monitoring Services as per EPA Victoria Publication 888.1 - Jan. 2009 Guidelines. Other state may have similar legislation in place.

Underground Storage Tank owners should be aware that steel tanks may only last around 15-20 years in the ground. Therefore having proper management systems in place is imperative if you are to aviod possible failure issues.

Underground Storag Tank owners should also be aware there are around 15 compliance issues related to UPSS in Victoria in relation to their manufacture, installation, commissioning, operation, testing, maintainence, repair and decommissioning, to eliminate risk to human health and the environment. Failure to take precautions to minimise this risk may result in heavy fines.

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